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harsh asked 3 years ago

I’m trying to determine the best way to deal with a composite primary key in a mongo db. The main key for interacting with the data in this system is made up of 2 uuids. The combination of uuids is guaranteed to be unique, but neither of the individual uuids is.
I see a couple of ways of managing this:

  1. Use an object for the primary key that is made up of 2 values.
  2. Use a standard auto-generated mongo object id as the primary key, store my key in two separate fields, and then create a composite index on those two fields
  3. Make the primary key a hash of the 2 uuids
  4. Some other awesome solution that I currently am unaware of

What are the performance implications of these approaches?
For option 1, I’m worried about the insert performance do to having non sequential keys. I know this can kill traditional RDBMS systems and I’ve seen indications that this could be true in MongoDB as well.
For option 2, it seems a little odd to have a primary key that would never be used by the system. Also, it seems that query performance might not be as good as in option 1. In a traditional RDBMS a clustered index gives the best query results. How relevant is this in MongoDB?
For option 3, this would create one single id field, but again it wouldn’t be sequential when inserting. Are there any other pros/cons to this approach?
For option 4, well… what is option 4?
Also, there’s some discussion of possibly using CouchDB instead of MongoDB at some point in the future. Would using CouchDB suggest a different solution?

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