Material angular, md vs mat , @angular/material@2.0.0-beta.11 template parse errors

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Sandeep asked 2 years ago

My question is: Where do I begin to solve this problem?
I was planning to : 
1) Change all the import Md ** Module -> Mat ** Module 
2) Try to trial and error change all the HTML tags
I’ve just updated angular material via NPM (@angular/material@2.0.0-beta.11-53c42a4)
Now my apps doesn’t work anymore, because syntax differences. I look up the documents what’s changed, but there isn’t much information out there about this issues. 
I’ve tried to replace all the 

import{ Md ** Module, etc. } from “@angular/material”
import {Mat ** Module} from “@angular/material” in app.module file.

I’ve still got Template parse errors.