angular 8 new feature

What are New Features in angular 8?

Angular 8 have introduced some new feature and bug fixes.

Differential loading with modern browser

With new feature of angular 8 your apps will now be automagically more performant, when we create app build, two bundles will be created

  • Bundle for modern browsers that support ES2015+
  • Bundle for older browsers that only support the ES5 version of JavaScript.

The correct bundle will be loaded automatically by the browser.
This new feature results in the largest single performance improvement for Angular v8. Newer browsers will be able to load less code and load a much smaller amount of polyfills.

You don’t have to do anything special to benefit from differential loading, the ng build command with the –prod flag will take care of bundling everything

Dynamic imports for lazy routes

Get rid from typo error while lazy loading module. Now use the standard dynamic import syntax.

Old Syntax to add module in lazy load

{ path: ‘/customer’, loadChildren: ‘./customer/customer.module#CustomerModule’ }


Similar New Syntax will be

{ path: `/customer`, loadChildren: () => import(`./customer/customer.module`).then(m => m.CustomerModule) }


Ivy and Bazel New view rendering engine

New angular view engine Ivy and Bazel introduce in angular 8.

Bug Fixes

  • bazel: allow ts_library interop with list-typed inputs (#30600) (bf38df4)
  • bazel: Disable sandbox on Mac OS (#30460) (3de26a8)
  • bazel: ng test should run specific ts_web_test_suite (#30526) (8bc4da8)
  • core: remove deprecated TestBed.deprecatedOverrideProvider API (#30576) (5a46f94)
  • core: require ‘static’ flag on queries in typings (#30641) (c8af830)
  • core: temporarily remove @deprecated jsdoc tag for a TextBed.get overload (#30514) (561e01d), closes #29290#29905
  • router: type cast correctly for IE 11 bug breaking URL Unification when comparing objects (#30464) (32daa93)